Wednesday, 25 June 2014


About me

Hello! I’m Nathan James and this is my blog about the fun and interesting side of mathematics. I’m a student from Surrey, I love maths and my aim is to make others love it to0. I also love music (playing and listening to), technology and photography.

About the blog

Because of this, I have decided to set up this blog with the aim of exposing the hidden wonders of mathematics and I hope you will enjoy it. I will also create a series of guides to various aspects of mathematics, A walk through… As the name suggests, I intend to have a drunkard’s walk through mathematics, with no particular aim just exploring the more interesting side of mathematics.
Although the predominant topic of this blog will be mathematics I also intend to write, from time to time, about my other interests such as photography (you can see my photos on my website and my flickr account) and technology.

About the name

The name refers to a mathematical concept of The Drunkard’s Walk, which is a random walk over two dimensions. As Wikipedia explains it:
“Imagine now a drunkard walking randomly in an idealized city. The city is effectively infinite and arranged in a square grid, and at every intersection, the drunkard chooses one of the four possible routes (including the one he came from) with equal probability. Will the drunkard ever get back to his home from the bar?”
By the way, yes he will.

I hope you enjoy it!


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